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We deliver impact through best fitting customer solutions. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all methods, instead our projects are tailored by our experienced team. Consequently our clients include executives and owners who appreciate insightful, relevant and pragmatic counsel from their advisors. Our client projects are related to the following topics in the company agenda, please click for details and examples.


Clear strategy is a must-have for any organization to succeed in reaching its goals. August Associates support their clients to understand the fundamental external change drivers, evaluate company’s internal core and capabilities, identify and evaluate strategic alternatives, and choose a strategic direction for execution. Often August clients appreciate the value of evaluating multiple scenarios and devising alternative plans instead of one single fixed plan.

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Corporate Transformations

Some companies face the challenge of prolonged poor performance and outdated business model, which is often combined with an external pressure for renewal. Other companies consider opportunities to pivot their business to capture entirely new opportunities. August Associates support their clients in going through corporate transformations where the objective is a fundamental change and renewed vitality in company’s center of gravity. These are typically long-term programs where a critical ingredient is to properly address organization’s culture and influence peoples’ minds and hearts.

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Mergers, acquisitions and divestments are powerful means for companies and investors to accelerate or unlock value creation. August Associates work with both private equity investors and corporations to realize value from their transactions, across the investment lifecycle.

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Customer value creation is at the heart of every business. Customer value can be delivered when company has adequate customer insights, purposeful offering and optimal way of working and organizing towards the customers. August Associates support their clients to deepen customer understanding, to develop offerings which deliver exceptional customer experience, to set profit maximizing prices and to measure the value creation both for the customers and the company itself.

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Companies are continuously looking for opportunities to improve their operations. Increased amount of data is offering new opportunities, while evolving customer needs and competition set demands to continuously improve operational excellence. In addition, sustainability is a strong driver for companies to consume less resources and produce less waste. August Associates work with their clients to design and implement new operating models and to optimize processes – both in manufacturing and service industries.

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Climate change and loss of biodiversity, the two issues related to environmental sustainability, are today’s prominent challenges threatening humankind and the whole biosphere. Considerable changes to our lifestyle – including economic activity – are needed to maintain our planet as livable. And companies must also do their part. While sustainability appears differently in different industries and types of business, all companies have one thing in common: sustainability is nowadays high on the strategic agenda. August Associates support their clients to practically integrate sustainability with other strategic questions in various contexts. These include, for example, strategy work that embodies the sustainability perspective, financial steering development to incorporate the cost of CO2 as a key performance measure, commercialization of attractive green offerings, and supply chain & sourcing development to reduce emissions from the supply base.

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Organization and Leadership

Modern knowledge intensive work highlights the importance of organizational performance on individual, team and corporate levels. August Associates support their clients both in analyzing the bottle necks of performance and in transforming organizations towards higher performance. High performing organizations have not only a fit-for-purpose organizational design, but also well-tuned management processes which are aligned with the overall management model and culture. August was originally established as a consultancy to support companies to develop their management models to become more shareholder value driven. After two decades, high performing organization continues to be an even more important topic as all industries become more knowledge intensive.

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Most industries are in the midst of an unprecedented era of change driven by evolving technologies and digitalization. August Associates support their clients in assessing the emerging opportunities and threats for their businesses, as well as in devising strategies and executing initiatives in the rapidly changing environment. Digitalization cuts across most management topics introducing new business opportunities as well as a host of possibilities to improve customer experience, process efficiency and operational agility.

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Advanced Analytics

The increasingly digital and connected world around us is generating data at an unprecedented pace. To turn the expanding data streams into a competitive advantage, companies must develop intelligent analytics solutions that create customer value and improve business performance. August Associates work with their clients to solve complex business problems, derive value from data, and ramp up analytics capabilities by combining deep strategy and functional expertise with cutting-edge analytics and economics capabilities.

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