Operating model renewal to improve customer centricity and efficiency​

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A global engineering company had recently merged with another major player and conducted first phases of the integration. The company had delivered solid cross-sales and strong growth in general. However, the management saw that the company needed to further develop its operating model. Main objectives were to improve customer orientation, meet different customer needs, and seek operational synergies in working as group.

Brave the Future​

August supported the client in renewing its operating model in close collaboration with the management.

First, we assessed the current organization and business performance. Focus was on current strengths of the organization as well as identifying the “pain points”. In addition, we formed a view of the business improvement potential to ensure that organization development focus was on the most relevant topics.

Second, we identified alternatives for the organization development. These included both organization structure related changes as well as ways of working related changes. The alternatives were carefully assessed through several lenses (e.g. customer needs, growth and profitability, accountability, internal efficiency) to find the most suitable alternative for future.

After selecting the most attractive future direction for the operating model development, we helped the client future define operating model in more detail. This included more detailed structure design, roles and responsibilities definitions for key units and positions, resourcing, key business and steering process design.


Carefully considered organization development alternatives and strong commitment for the change among top management.

Renewed operating model that will clearly emphasize customer orientation and operational efficiency.