Bringing business and technology together with a compelling digital strategy

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A market leading energy company had systematically been building strong in-house IT and Digital capabilities. Although these technology capabilities had been generally acknowledged as a key growth enabler and a source of competitive advantage, the value add, ambition level and future direction of the ‘IT and Digital’ function was unclear for the business representatives. 

Brave the Future​

Together with August, the CDO and selected IT and Digital leads embarked on co-creation journey of 

  • Crystallizing current and future business priorities
  • Articulating digital value propositions towards the main stakeholders such as customers, internal employees
  • Agreeing on the strategic shifts how client’s position as a digital forerunner would be strengthened
  • Assessing internal assets and capabilities, and planning the way forward to cover identified gaps


The joint effort resulted in:

  • Aligned understanding both on business and technology sides that what the 1) ambition level and related gap is 2) future role and contribution of the ‘IT and Digital’ function will be
  • Clear decisions regarding strategic choices which had been ambiguous for the whole organization, for example ‘outsourcing vs. in-housing’, independence vs. alignment’ and ‘best of breed vs. reusability
  • Agreed roadmap of business and internal priorities (including initial business case estimations), and ‘IT and Digital’ initiatives to support them