Customer value of sustainability captured

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A global raw material producer had developed a new and more sustainable material innovation to replace existing fossil-based raw materials used in its customers’ products. The material producer understood that in order to boost the new material’s growth, they would need to succeed in value-based selling. August’s team was brought in to help win a major pilot customer by crystallizing the value proposition for them.

Brave the Future

We started by analyzing the chosen pilot customer, a well-known global branded goods manufacturer, and its needs. It became quickly clear that they were looking for more sustainable alternatives to the existing fossil-based materials. Thus, we modelled their business case for the different alternatives, and the analysis showed that our client’s solution was likely superior compared to the competition.

After understanding the needs and business case, we crystallized the customer value proposition. It included both product related benefits (e.g. reduced carbon footprint) as well as supplier related benefits (e.g. reliable industry leader and forerunner in sustainable material innovation).

Lastly, we created a pragmatic plan for our client and their pilot customer to build a mutually beneficial collaboration and drive more sustainable growth across the value chain.


The joint effort produced a well-defined customer value proposition and a solid plan for the pilot case, which helped our client build sustainable growth around renewable materials. Today, these products have become a major share of our client’s business and commonplace in their pilot customer’s industry.