Construction company seeks growth with commercial excellence

A multi-national construction product company wanted to improve its topline performance across Nordic, Central and Eastern European markets. August team helped the company in identifying growth potential, planning the means to capture it, and rolling out the program in all target markets after a successful pilot in the Nordics.

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The company wanted to accelerate its growth and found it difficult to manage sales across countries as each country organization had their own segmentation and classification of customers.

Brave the future

Together with respective client organizations, August team identified growth pockets in each country and business area by evaluating customers in each channel against granular market and share-of-wallet understanding. Also, a differentiation model was drafted to create different service models for each customer class that would allow greater focus for the most important customers and a standardized, more effective way of working for smaller customers.


During the project, the company management formed a holistic understanding of growth opportunities in each country while country managers and sales managers identified growth opportunities at customer-level and plans to capture that potential. The unified segmentation and classification model allowed better comparison across countries in each business area and formed a basis for further development in sales & operations planning.