SaaS company reorganizes itself to get back on growth track

August supported a SaaS company in sharpening its competitive advantage and in moving from a start-up-way of working to a more structured operation.

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The SaaS company needed to reassess its strategy and operating model due to toughened industry conditions and its underperforming flagship product.

Brave the future

We started the assessment from external factors such as market trends and competition. However, it became clear that the true reasons behind the disappointing performance of the flagship product were internal and more profound than initially thought. Working closely with the management team we identified improvement areas in

  • product development – increase focus on end-user motivators and financial targets
  • time to market – reuse existing assets more systematically
  • operating model – adopt a more structured and predictable way of working with clear accountability


Identifying the root causes for the current issues and creating the clarifying actions to solve them revitalized the company and the leadership team. Moreover, the crystallization of the future target state and the strategic decisions to focus on certain product categories helped the client in IP and funding negotiations. Finally, the initiated redesign of the operating model resulted in practical changes across the organization, such as centralization of selected functions, KPI-driven portfolio management, and end-user-centric product development.