Organizing for growth and operational excellence

A Business Unit of a major manufacturing company had ambitions to boost growth and improve operational excellence. To reach this, the company’s organization and management practices needed to be renewed. Together with August, the company crystallized and ramped up roles, responsibilities, and management practices of the new organization. At the same time, the strengths of the old organization’s ways of working were safeguarded.

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The Business Unit of a major manufacturing company wanted to restructure the organization to accelerate growth and to improve operational excellence without losing the positive aspects of the current ways of working.

Brave the future

To boost growth and operational excellence, the Business Unit’s top management defined a new structure, resourcing, roles, responsibilities, and management practices for the new organization together with August. The old organization’s key strengths, for example agile decision making, were also identified and ways to safeguard them were specified. To secure buy-in, the status of the organizational change was communicated regularly to the organization.


The new organization and the case for change received buy-in from the employees thanks to rigorous planning and communication. The new structure, teams, and practices were launched right after the planning phase, and the new organization was up-and-running quickly. Even though the new organization was geared towards efficiency, it preserved the agility and touch of humanity evident in the old organization.