Real-life business cases in capability development

60 finance professionals solved real-life business cases and participated in intensive training sessions in an effort to renew capabilities and help the finance function to become a true business partner.

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The CFO of a leading energy company wanted to develop new capabilities to support finance in the journey towards being a true business partner that drives company performance.

Brave the future

We organized two sets of three-month training camps, where finance professionals worked on real-life business cases and participated in several intensive training sessions. During the process, they experienced a crash course to various business-relevant topics: problem solving, presentation and storytelling, project management, and teamwork. Moreover, advanced analytics was chosen as a special focus area that was emphasized both in the training sessions and in selected analytics-heavy business cases, where the teams received additional guidance and support from the August team. The training camp culminated in participants presenting business case conclusions to top management and receiving thorough, individual feedback from the August team.


The finance organization’s ability to act as a business partner was elevated through both capability development and networking across the organization. The participants gained insight on their individual strengths and development areas, while management got a third-party view on the performance of their key employees. Businesses were given actionable recommendations, many of which have since led to more detailed analysis and implementation.