Accelerating growth strategy implementation with a content-driven PMO

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A global software company had defined an ambitious growth strategy to reach new heights in the next five years. The high level of ambition required also a new approach to strategy implementation. Thus, the client’s CEO engaged August’s team to ensure getting on the right track from the beginning.

Brave the future

August’s team worked closely with the client from day 1, starting with defining and ramping up a tailored governance model for the strategy implementation. While setting up the new practices, we helped each strategic initiative in detailing their concrete action plans and defining KPIs to be followed.

When the plans and KPIs were in place, we continued to support the strategic initiatives with regular sparring sessions to ensure the targeted progress. Working closely with each initiative enabled addressing cross-functional challenges early on, while providing a consolidated overview of strategy implementation progress to the Management Team and Board of Directors.

Having seen the value of the strategy PMO, the client decided to strengthen their strategy team with new recruitments. Once the new persons were on board, we took care of a smooth handover to ensure the continuity of the developed practices.


The joint effort resulted in a structured, yet agile model to steer and accelerate the strategy implementation, while giving added transparency across the organization.

The PMO ensured sufficient focus on key activities. Consequently, significant milestones were reached already during the first year of strategy implementation.

Last, the client’s internal capabilities were elevated, and the strategy implementation has continued successfully also after our handover.