Executive Advisor

Kai Koskinen

Kai has worked as management consultant since 1997 and he was a co-founder of August in 2001. He has broad experience in business development initiatives with international companies from different fields. In recent years, Kai’s main focus has been in companies’ strategy work and transformation following the strategic choices. He holds a master’s degree in Economics.

Kai is a true sport enthusiast. He is a co-owner of the HJK football club and president of the HJK registered association. In his active role in the Executive Committee of Finnish FA, he is determined grow Finnish football and harness it for even greater social impact. Also puck makes Kai’s heart pound. He is a co-owner of a hockey club and plays senior-level hockey himself.

For Kai, brave the future means opportunity – if not responsibility – to put his generalist skills and experience in use for a wider common good.

+358 40 536 3504