Strategy & Transformation Manager

Aleksi Talsi

Aleksi joined August full-time in the beginning of 2018 and has since helped clients with various topics, such as strategy, commercial excellence, and analytics. Prior to management consulting, Aleksi completed his M.Sc. (Tech) at Aalto University, where he gained experience also from outside the lecture halls, for example by working in business development projects for a major telco and chairing the board of Information Networks’ Guild Athene.

Outside the office, Aleksi loves to spend time with friends and family, and engage in meaningful discussions, while not forgetting to throw in a few of those (allegedly) funny jokes. As a balance to busy social life, Aleksi likes to take long walks along the Espoo seaside or relax just by watching his favorite series from Netflix.

As a person, Aleksi is a mixture of analytical thinking and appreciation for the human side of things, and thus he enjoys the combination of numbers and people in consulting. That – and the truly amazing colleagues and clients – is why Aleksi wants to brave the future at August.

+358 50 574 7192