Executive Advisor

Timo Vuori

Timo is an Executive Advisor at August and an Assistant Professor in Strategic Management at Aalto University. He specializes in scenario-based strategy making and psychological aspects of strategy formulation and implementation. He is well-known for his book ”Elävä Strategia” (with Timo Ritakallio, OP Group) and his extensive research on Nokia (with Prof. Quy Huy, INSEAD). He started working with August in 2015.

Timo has an extensive academic background, with both MSc and PhD theses in industrial engineering and management from Aalto University and visiting positions at INSEAD and elsewhere. In addition, he has constantly been working with companies through in-depth case studies. His academic work has been published in the leading international journals and he has won several international awards.

Outside work, Timo loves spending time with his two daughters and doing sports. The best times are those when he does sports with the girls, such as playing games in a trampoline park or running while they are biking. Occasionally, he also meets friends and enjoys every moment.

Timo likes to brave the future at August because he can help take the latest theory and cutting-edge research to practice and in this way make a meaningful impact for businesses and society. He is also learning a lot from both clients and August members.