Antti Suontausta

Antti has worked in management consulting since 2014, majority of it at August. Before rejoining August in the fall of 2019, Antti spent an 18-month stint at a social and healthcare consulting company. Antti is a genuine generalist, driven by passion to catalyze change. Antti has experience from various industries and functions, from FMCG to social care and from M&A to supply chain development. Antti holds a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management and a bachelor’s degree in Bioinformation technology.

In his free time Antti prefers to spend time with his family of three and friends, read up on the goings-on in the world, watch the occasional Premier League football match and conduct varying types of sporty activities.

Antti likes to brave the future at August because he thinks August provides an unmatched value proposition to its customers through hands-on senior teams.

+358 40 969 6097